New father in Binghamton holding newborn baby to help mother with postpartum care.

It takes a village.

The transformation to parenthood is messy, amazing, demanding, wonderful, and challenging. There is so much love shown to expectant parents but after the birth, there's a shift of focus to the baby. Often times, this can leave mothers and new parents feeling lonely and sad - and then guilty for having those emotions during an otherwise joyful time.

Your postpartum doula is right by your side to help you navigate the challenges of being a new parent and adjusting to life with baby. She will be a quiet presence in your home, catering to your family's individual needs, whether that be:

  • newborn care

  • sibling support

  • maximizing sleep

  • lactation support

  • healing support 

  • assistance with meal preparation

  • light housekeeping

  • emotional support

  • Rebozo Cerrada

  • and so much more


The postpartum period is a sacred and sensitive one and we are here to support you. If you require assistance beyond a doula's capabilities and knowledge, we will direct you to the appropriate local resources.


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