A relaxing scene at Vishnu's Yoga studio in Binghamton is shown set up for a postpartum rebozo cerrada.

Find peace and closure.

​Childbirth can leave a mother very "open", physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A "Cerrada" is a postpartum ritual, traditionally done for closing the hips, as well as the mother's energy/self. This traditional ceremony is sometimes referred to as "Closing the Bones" or "Postpartum Sealing".

You must be at least 40 days postpartum for a cerrada. It involves a healing herbal bath, sifting and firm wrapping with Rebozos/Mantas, and ends with a hot cup of tea.

This ceremony can only be added on to a postpartum session, and lasts approximately 2 hours. The total cost is $125.


(Disclaimer: Gentle, comforting touch will be applied, but this is not a massage and your doula is not a Licensed Massage Therapist.)​​​