Confident and prepared.

Our evidence-based childbirth classes provide you with the tools you need to have a positive and empowering birth experience. You and your partner will away walk away feeling confident, calm, and prepared for the birth of your baby.


Binghamton Metro Doulas is committed to providing options that fit your life and your learning style. From group to private, in-person to virtual, focused classes or all-day intensives - there's an option for everyone. Your questions get answered here.

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In-Person Group Classes

Our in-person group classes are personal, and the atmosphere is relaxed. These are perfect for those who learn best in-person, want to get the most hands-on practice, and like to meet new people "in real life"! *Due to COVID-19, we are temporarily suspending in-person group classes. If you learn best in-person, contact us for private classes.*

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Virtual Group Classes

Our virtual classes are the perfect alternative if you cannot attend our in-person options due to schedules, medical conditions, or just your preference. These classes are small, live, and interactive.

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Private Classes

We provide private classes (both virtual and in-person) to accommodate those who have busy or unusual schedules, those unable to make our group sessions, or for those who prefer a more personal class tailored to their individual needs and questions.  


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