Birth Support

Our doulas will support you in making the right choices for your family. We will support your birth, whether it is medicated or unmedicated, vaginal or cesarean.

We're here for you - physically and emotionally, with knowledge and experience - to support you throughout this transformative period. We are a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, or an extra set of hands.

BMD is committed to honoring and supporting you in your birthing and parenting choices. Our only goal is to help you achieve a more satisfying birth experience. 

Included in every birth support package:

Continuous Support

From the time you sign your contract, until your final postpartum visit, your doula will be available for phone, text, and email support.

Prenatal Meetings

Your doula will meet with you prenatally to discuss your vision for birth, examine your options, and create a customized list of preferences for your family. Your doula will also explore various comfort measures with you and your support person, and address any questions or concerns you may have. These meetings take place in your home, or in our private office.

Exclusive Resources

All birth clients receive a copy of the Preparing for Birth workbook, and an abundance of PDF resources. As a birth client, you will also have access to our large lending library of books; topics include pregnancy, birth, baby care, breastfeeding, and more.

Support at Birth/Labor

Your doula will meet you during your labor. She will utilize physical comfort measures, provide emotional support, give you encouragement, reassurance, and information whenever you need it. Your doula will stay for up to two hours after the birth, and if desired, will provide basic lactation support during that time.

Postpartum Follow-up

This visit will cater to your needs, whether that be emotional support, discussing postpartum comfort measures, answering breastfeeding questions, or all of this, and more. And this is all done in the comfort of your home. If you require assistance beyond our capabilities and knowledge, we will direct you to the appropriate local resources. Additional postpartum support is available and we can customize a package that suits your needs.

Breastfeeding Support

Your doula will be available to answer breastfeeding-related questions leading up to the birth. Following the birth, she can help you establish breastfeeding during those crucial first hours, and lactation support can also be provided at your postpartum visits. Additional lactation support is available, if needed.

"My husband and I can't say enough good things about Karina and the support she provided us. We would not have been able to to bring our baby into the world as easily as we did without her support and expert knowledge. Karina is a caring and knowledgeable professional that made us feel at ease and supported every step of the way. If a second baby comes along we will definitely be asking Karina to be our birth doula again!"   -Jessica

Is a birth doula right for you?