Postpartum Support

Your postpartum doula is right by your side to help you navigate the challenges of being a new parent and adjusting to life with baby.

The transformation to parenthood is messy, amazing, demanding, wonderful, and challenging. There is so much love shown to expectant parents but after the birth, there's a shift of focus to the baby. Often times, this can leave mothers and new parents feeling lonely and sad - and then guilty for having those emotions during an otherwise joyful time.​

Doulas nurture the parents by offering practical assistance as well as emotional support, enabling a faster recovery and increased confidence in meeting the challenges of parenthood. Your postpartum doula will focus on your needs, as well as those of your newborn. Drawing on their professional training, knowledge, and experience, your doula will provide you with the type of support you need during this time.

Your Doula will be a quiet presence in your home, catering to your family's individual needs, whether that be:

The postpartum period is a sacred and sensitive one and we are here to support you. If you require assistance beyond a doula's capabilities and knowledge, we will direct you to the appropriate local resources.

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