Consulting & Birth Planning

You're pregnant. (Congratulations!) You have a million questions. Your doctor's visits just don't feel long enough to cover everything, or you have questions in between appointments.

You've got Google, well-meaning friends and family, and a list of books - but sometimes what you really need is one-on-one time with a trusted and experienced professional.

Private prenatal consulting is the perfect choice for parents wanting access to the knowledge and experience of a Doula during their pregnancy, but not necessarily have the in-person support at the birth. You can choose from virtual or in-person sessions, to fit your needs.

If you have questions like:

  • Where should I have my baby?

  • Should I have a birth doula?

  • What should I expect with a cesarean?

  • How will I know when my baby is hungry?

  • What are some tricks to calm my crying baby?

Or if you're curious about:

  • Epidurals and other pain medication.

  • Labor comfort measures.

  • How your partner can best support you.

  • Typical newborn procedures.

  • Creating a birth or postpartum plan.

  • Breastfeeding and pumping.

. . . then consulting with a doula is right for you!

In addition to the expertise of a trusted and reputable BMD Doula, every consulting session can include:

  • an assessment of your family's needs and goals

  • customized pregnancy, birth and postpartum plans, if desired

  • professional referrals applicable to your needs

  • exclusive downloads/handouts applicable to your needs

Ready to get started?