Breastfeeding Classes

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Our evidence-based childbirth classes provide you with the tools you need to have a positive and empowering birth experience. You will away walk away feeling confident, calm, and prepared for the birth of your baby.

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Breastfeeding Basics

This class is taught by a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and provides evidence-based information about the basics of breastfeeding your baby, from birth through the first few weeks.

Topics include:

  • establishing breastfeeding after birth

  • how to achieve a good latch

  • nursing positions

  • common challenges

  • accessing breastfeeding support

Regardless of whether you take our Breastfeeding Basics Class virtually or in-person, you always get a physical full-color workbook, and up-to-date handouts.

Your registration fee covers you plus one support person.

Lactation Basics for Birth Professionals

This is a parent-class, with an additional hour-long module for birth professionals.

Doulas, childbirth educators, and other perinatal professionals play a key role in helping families to meet their breastfeeding goals.

This class will give you the tools you need to share evidence-based information prenatally with clients, offer lactation support immediately after birth, and connect postpartum families with lactation professionals when needed.

Topics include:

  • The benefits of breastfeeding

  • Basic anatomy and physiology (let down, supply and demand)

  • How birth impacts lactation/breastfeeding

  • Infant capabilities, reflexes and cues

  • Achieving a proper latch

  • Counseling clients in the postpartum period

  • Pumping, hand expression, and storage guidelines

  • Early challenges (engorgement, nipple soreness, milk supply)

  • When and how to make referrals

This live and interactive class is taught by a Certified Lactation Counselor, and meets via Google Meet in one virtual session.

You must be in attendance for the entire 3 hours to receive your Certificate of Attendance. This certificate fulfills the breastfeeding class requirements for most doula certifications, including DONA, and DTI.

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