Babywearing Classes

Babywearing can be such an important tool for busy parents like you, trying to do your best while juggling the needs of your little ones.

Our babywearing classes can help you sort through your options, give you hands-on practice with a variety of carriers, and give you access to a trained Babywearing Educator and Consultant.

In addition to group and private classes, babywearing services include in-person and virtual private consultations. Visit our babywearing services page to view these options.

Our growing list of babywearing classes include:

Babywearing Basics

This 2-hour class is a hands-on way to learn about common baby carrier styles available on the market. You will reflect on your individual babywearing needs and goals, choose the carrier you like most, and learn a carry before you leave! This class is taught by a trained Babywearing Educator & Consultant from the Center of Babywearing Studies. Carrier styles covered include Meh Dai, Soft Structured Carrier (SSC), Stretchy Wrap, Short Wrap, Woven Wrap, Ring Sling, and Hybrid Carrier.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to basic styles of carriers

  • Overview of the physical needs of the person carrying and the baby/child being carried

  • Infant Developmental Milestones and how carrying can support them

  • Hands-on introduction how to use each carrier style

  • Opportunity to learn one carry of choice

Intro to Woven Wraps

Soft Structured Carriers

Comparing all of the products on the market and helping you to figure out the best option for your family and lifestyle.

No available classes at this time.